Every language has its own peculiarities. Therefore, to perform accurate and correct translation from one language into another, in most cases, a deep knowledge of the respective languages is needed. To obtain accurate translation of texts, you can contact our agency.

Translations of what texts we offer

Our translation agency in Kyiv city offers the most accurate interpretation of texts from one language into another. We work with almost all types of information, including:

  • articles and reviews;
  • commercial offers and presentations;
  • letters;
  • transcripts to diplomas, etc.

We offer the translation of texts from English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. We do not use any automated systems. All work is done by specialist who is fluent in the language and skills of bilingual translation.

Advantages of our translations

VERB Translation Agency guarantees the highest quality translation of the presentation, transcript to diploma or articles into any language. When interpreting texts, the specialist tries to find constructions that are as close as possible to those in the original text. Also all the rules of the language are taken into account. Due to this, the translated text not only matches the original, but also is completely literate.
Ordering translation services from VERB Agency in Kyiv city, our clients can count on the fact that their work will be performed by subject matter expert. That is, for example, translation of the commercial offer will not be executed by the person who only has skills of informative articles translation.

We work with many professionals. Therefore, our customers’ orders are executed very quickly. If necessary, the translation can be done in 1 day or even a few hours. Speed of performance does not affect its quality. If there are flaws in the material, we will correct them for free.

The cost of translation of texts in our Agency depends on several factors. The first one is the language, the more difficult language is, the more expensive work is. The second factor is volume of the text. The third is the subject and complexity of the information in the original text. Read our price list with sample prices for translations.

When applying to our translation agency, people in the end get literate, completely corresponding to the original text. And all this for a relatively small amount.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in any convenient way for you. During the conversation with our manager, you will be able to find out the exact cost of the service in your case and, if necessary, make an order.

Cost of translations and services