The main places and excursion routes of the individual guide in Kyiv

In order to attract tourists, as well as to develop business in the field of contractual relations at the international level, guide services in Kyiv are needed. Any big event and congress of guests from different states must be accompanied by a cultural program, including an educational one.

Our individual guide can help to go to a group of tourists or to a single guest, who is well-orientated in the city and can tell the guest about some of the points concerning adaptation in an unfamiliar city and some problems solution. Visit all the most picturesque, historical and cultural places with the guide:

  • Majestic Kyiv Pechersk Lavra;
  • Andriivskyi descent in a mystical way;
  • Golden Gate with a legendary story;
  • A little-known but remarkable places in the city.

A high level of professionalism and significant experience with foreigners from VERB Company in Kyiv city

VERB Translation and International Communications Agency provides an individual guide services for all business negotiations and meetings and an experienced specialist will help find the right buildings and institutions without a long wait.

An experienced guide in a foreign language in Kyiv knows slang and business language. Industry buzzword and experience provide successful guided tours to business partners. The most complete and accessible information about the city presented by a guide affects the success of the transaction.

The guide conducts all individual excursions in the city of Kyiv in accordance with the agreement and strictly adheres to the instructions. The company undertakes obligations on delivery of the guide to the place of excursion beginning. A professional English-speaking guide has not only higher education, but also constantly brightens his skills by improving the vocabulary size by meetings with foreigners.

Individual guided tours include a walk through the historic part of the city and familiarity with music schools, theatres, museums. Guides are familiar with the main points, which symbolize the culture of the city. Plunge into a unique world of beauty and remaining particles of history with the help of excursions, which are implemented in the individual form for each tourist with a comfortable time schedule.

Cost of translations and services