Among all types of translations, particular difficulty is represented by texts, where every word and certain terminology plays a big role. And for this work a true professional is needed. Especially if a medical text or a scientific work translation is required.

What is the complexity of technical translation?

In order to perform high quality translation of technical texts, instructions and drawings, good understanding of subject is needed. The translator who deals with letters or even imaginative literature is not suitable for such work. Category of technical texts is very broad and includes the following areas:

  • jurisprudence;
  • medicine and pharmacy;
  • construction industry and logistics.

But after all the engineering documentation is also must be translated.
In recent years, many entrepreneurs try to enter the international market. They supply various equipment to Ukraine from there. Since it is not intended for import in its own country, it is often necessary to translate the instructions for use and installation. And if you need to order translation of technical documentation, you need to choose Translation Agency that specializes in this direction.

The complexity of technical translation

Not every translator can be trusted with the translation of medical or legal documents. For this reason, translation of scientific work in Kyiv in these areas are always more expensive. There are a few moments that are complicated.

  1. In technical texts there are a lot of highly specialized terms.
  2. Such translations often have to be done within the shortest possible time.
  3. Often technical documentation requires a notarial acknowledgement.
  4. Some words can not be translated into other languages, the correct and logical replacement is needed for them.

It is necessary to consider the following: a technical text may present not only one or a few pages, sometimes it is scientific work, consisting of hundreds of pages.

Not always a lawyer, doctor or engineer who knows a foreign language can do the translation. After all, correct composition of texts is needed. This is the reason to contact VERB Translation Agency for technical translation immediately, where there are translators who are well qualified in medicine and pharmaceutics, construction and engineering, logistics and economics, banking and IT.

Translations of video and audio materials from almost any common language are quickly performed here. If compare prices for a technical translation in the city of Kyiv, they are most profitable in VERB Translation Agency. It turns out that the translator should have intimate knowledge of a particular area, and at the same time to be a linguist.

Cost of translations and services