The process of globalization has affected almost all spheres of the national economy. Modern enterprises enter the international market, signing contracts with foreign companies. The modern world has changed not only the understanding of the way of doing business, but also the lives of ordinary people. A few decades ago, people worked until retirement at the same company but now this is a rarity.

What is the reason for doing translation of documents?

With the fall of the “iron curtain” tourism industry, labour migration began to develop rapidly but also the popularity of education abroad increased. Unfortunately, whatever the purpose of visit, travel abroad is always associated with a long preparation of the documents. Inseparable element of this procedure is the need to translate the documents into English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish or other language, which is considered a state language in a foreign country.
To obtain higher education abroad, the translation of high school certificate will be certainly needed. If it is the second or alternative higher education, a translation of diplomas into English, German or any other language in which teaching is carried out will be needed.

The preparation of migration documents for the purpose of employment abroad presents challenges. International companies searching for highly skilled professionals, of course, will require notarized translation of documents in Kyiv, this is much easier and cheaper to do than abroad. In some cases there may be translations of other documents, confirming qualification of the employee needed. Often in the list of mandatory documents required for employment, there is a police clearance certificate translation into English. As a rule, it is required in the case that employee is trusted significant material value or provided access to commercial or other secrets. It is not necessary to receive a certificate in the state authorities in the country of employment, it is enough to translate the police clearance certificate that was issued in the country of previous residence.

Requirements for translation of documents

It is necessary to understand that mistakes in translation can cost you a job, and sometimes it is impossible to cross the border. For this reason, a translation of documents in Kyiv city should be ordered exclusively in the official translation agency, which employs professionals.

Also an important role in the implementation of this service is a guarantee of confidentiality. The information, provided for translation, is considered confidential and cannot be disclosed to the third parties. Disclosure of personal data can harm business reputation, so choose a certified translation agency, which is guided not only by norms of the law but also ethics.

Cost of translations and services